Open Garten Door with Siri / HomeKit and Raspberry Pi

_57Garden doors usually are connected to a DC power source interrupted by a push button. With the following simple setup it’s possible to close the circuit with HomeKit (Siri or Home-App on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad) for a defined time.

What you should buy

At all the setup will cost round about 50€. For some additional bucks you can buy a card with more than one relay to control many doors, Lamps, power lines, … with one setup.


    • Install Debian 8 on the SD-Card
    • Login over SSH
    • Configure WiFi if needed
    • Install all you need with:
    • > sudo su
      > apt install -y curl
      > curl -sL | bash -
      > reboot
  • Connect the Relay on Pin 7, 5V and GND
  • Connect the relay to the door opener circuit
  • Add the new device to your Home App on your iPhone with the default key (can be changed in /root/.homebridge/config.json)
  • 031-45-154
  • (optional) Configure more relais / devices in /root/.homebridge/config.json

Project GIT-Repository: homebridge-gardendoor