HowTo: Remove all Docker Images and Containers (disk full)

Docker_(container_engine)_logoIf you’re developing docker containers, after a while you might notice one very big file:


The get ride off old unused docker images and containers and refuce the data-file use this two commands:


# Delete all containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

# Delete all images
docker rmi $(docker images -q)

HostEurope dynDNS mit Raspberry Pi – Docker



  • dynamische IP-Adresse
  • Domain bei HostEurope
  • Raspberry Pi mit Docker Image (Aktuelles Raspbian mit angepasstem Docker-Linux-Kernel)

Installation / Config / Start:

  • docker pull andreasprang/hosteurope_dyndns_arm
  • sudo docker run -d –restart=always -e KUNDENNR=123456 -e PASSWORD=mySecurePass -e -e HOSTID=12345678 andreasprang/hosteurope_dyndns_arm

Für details: Dockerfile und Script bei gitHub für AMD64/x86

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